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A High-Five Worth More Than A Pair Of Football Boots!

Little Kickers - the world’s biggest pre-school football academy - celebrate life’s successes, no matter how big or small, with re-enactments of some of football’s most iconic Goal Celebrations, including Peter Crouch’s ‘Robot’, Alan Shearer’s ‘One-Handed Salute’ and Stuart Pearce’s ‘Air Fist Pump’.

Early language skills 'key to later success'

Children with poor language skills at age five are significantly more likely to struggle with maths at age 11, a study for Save the Children suggests.

Preschools turn children on to learning

Preschools help boost the academic careers of children who have fewer educational experiences at home, a study suggests.

Little Pirates!

Little Pirates Enjoying a Weekend of Swashbuckling Football for Sport Relief! read more...

The Inspirational World Cup

By "Coach Dave" - Dave Homer, Little Kickers Stourbridge and West Birmingham read more...


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The home of pre-school football, Little Kickers.

Attention all Little Kickers!

Make sure you watch this video before reading the rest of this secret mission: Learning with Lenny secret Mission.

Actualidad LK

Young footballers around the world are flocking to Little Kickers

Little Kickers is a shining example of a British franchise that’s enjoyed success overseas. The children’s football coaching franchise is now operating in 16 countries – and counting

An Interview with Karen Carney

We had the pleasure of speaking to the wonderfully talented, Chelsea winger & England international, Karen Carney. Karen kindly provided us with lots of insights into her world, including the best piece of advice she was ever given and a message for all our Little Kickers


Kids say the funniest things...

Toddlers' have an innate love of learning and their in-built curiosity about the world certainly gets them chatting. From asking how things work to where they come from and everything in between, toddlers are talkers, all right. Since little ones live in the moment, they'll say whatever's on their minds whenever - and wherever - they think of it. And that can result in some embarrassing situations that (in time) are pretty funny


10 signs you're the parent of a toddler

Dizzily thrilled if you get a post-7am lie-in? Realised mid story that your actually retelling an episode of Iggle Piggle!? If any of the above seem wearily familiar to you, then you must be a parent of a toddler!
 How many of these sound familiar to you!?

Life Hacks

It's all part of the service, team! We're here to make your life that little bit easier and slightly more fun! Some of these ideas may not apply to you, but on the off chance they do come in useful, remember where you found out!  read more...

Sibling Rivalry

Having asked my 11 year old daughter why she thinks she and her brother squabble – “I find him annoying and he’s jealous of me” – I thought it might be interesting to do a bit more research into the subject, why siblings argue and ways in which experts feel it ought to be dealt with – is there a more scientific method than just confiscating pocket money and sending kids to their rooms?! read more...

Method in our madness

There is always a method to our madness. We create games that hold creative and imaginative elements in abundance. That being said, they will always have a focus, whether that is a particular football skill or social skill will depend on the game. We understand the skills can be difficult to spot as we hide them well. So, step into our world...


Nurturing Children in Football

A leading football coach, who believes in "nurturing" children as young as two, has been invited to tell the FA how to develop a successful England national side.


Learning with Lenny

Lenny has created a cool game to help him with his shooting! Challenge someone in your family and see who will win our target practice game!


The Changing Face of Children's Activities in Canada

The children’s recreation sector is typically thought of as a quaint one, populated by small businesses, non-profits and municipally run programs. But larger, more professionalized businesses are stepping into the space, too.

Frozen Banana Pops

With the autumnal months fast approaching we spoke to head chef Bryan Haramoto to create us a fun tasting treat for kids in the remaining days of our great British Summer!


Benefits of Sport

On the fence as to if you should sign your child up for a team sport? You should - and here's why! 


Gary Lineker: Pushy parents

Pushy parents screaming abuse from the sidelines are killing their kids’ love of football read more...

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